Episode #1 – COVID-19

“For the Greater Good: RE/MAX and Royal LePage discuss COVID-19 and our Industry.”

Episode 1: From “Hipsterville” to Leslieville: Rocking in Real Estate with Matt Casselman and Ben Fergu

In this special episode of Now We’re Talking Real Estate, hear two top real estate executives open up about the industry in a time of crisis – and how we’ve come together without competition. RE/MAX INTEGRA, Ontario-Atlantic’s EVP and Regional Director, Christopher Alexander, and Royal LePage Canada’s CEO, Phil Soper, talk openly about current industry chatter and essential services; the future of real estate and the lasting effects coronavirus will have on our business; and most importantly, how you, our real estate agents, have stepped up in a time of crisis and solidified your importance as a service provider.

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This podcast contains a discussion of a number of issues and approaches relevant to carrying on business as a real estate agent in the Province of Ontario during the COVID19 pandemic state of emergency.  Neither RE/MAX, Royal LePage, the producers nor the participants of the podcast provide any representation that any of the safety, hygiene or other practices discussed are appropriate or sufficient nor that they conform to applicable legal requirements in Ontario or elsewhere.  It is the responsibility of each real estate broker and agent to ensure that the safety and hygiene procedures that are put in place in their own businesses are reasonable, appropriate, and conform to the applicable regulations and public health guidance especially as they relate to in-person meetings of any kind as these have the greatest likelihood of contributing to the spread of the COVID19 virus.  You should check in frequently with public health officials as the guidance on in-person contact has changed frequently. You should also monitor the news and other sources of official updates on what is permitted as an essential service.