Episodes – Season 1

Season 1 is comprised of 9 episodes released bi-monthly. We invite you to discover some of the common strategies our super-star guests all share as well as the surprising and unique insights that make each of them stand out from the pack in their own way. Find out more about each of the episodes below or subscribe and listen on your favourite podcast platform…

Episode #1

Episode #1 - From “Hipsterville” to Leslieville: Rocking in Real Estate with Matt Casselman and Ben Ferguson

“From Hipsterville to Leslieville: Rocking It in Real Estate with Matt Casselman and Ben Ferguson.”

Episode #2

“The Teacher Becomes the Student: Zen and the Art of Selling Luxury with Barry Cohen.”

Episode #5

Greg Broadbent

“Greg Broadbent: Blending Traditional and New Sales Techniques.”

Episode #6

“Invest in the Best: Identifying When & Where to Spend Your Time vs. Money”

Episode #7


“Imitation Nation: Finding Success in the Success of Others.”

Episode #8

“Seeing is Believing: How an Intense Advertising Strategy Built a Business Empire.”

Episode #9


“The Dating Game: Questions & Answers to Growing a Team”